Vinegar Powder “The Story”

Vinegar Powder “The Story”
August 9, 2019 Maarten Jordaens

How vinegar powders became worldwide known to chefs…

Back to 2014: Founder and owner of Jordà “Maarten Jordaens” launched his vinegar powders. A launch that had worldwide impact in the culinary world.

Maarten, nice that you could make some time in your busy agenda for this article.
How did you get the idea to make vinegar powder?

Maarten: The idea of ​​making vinegar powders began to grow in the pastry kitchen of Roger Van Damme. At that time I was working in the pastry kitchen of “Het Gebaar” and I was always interested in developing new recipes. Roger loves it to work with a sweet and sour ratio in recipes because it makes the taste of desserts less heavy. But the use of liquid vinegar has its limitations (stability and shelf life) in pastry preparations. So we needed a powder to get the best ratio in recipes.

I’m assuming you don’t make this in 1,2,3?

Maarten: Absolutely not, I worked on the development of vinegar powders for almost 3 years and actually when the product was ready I was no longer working in Roger’s kitchen anymore. The process itself is not that unique but it is the choice of raw materials, temperatures and residence times that make the process complicated.

Then you start selling the vinegar powders to famous worldwide chefs … How did you get there?

Maarten: When the products were ready for the market, I gave Roger Van Damme the first vinegar powders to test recipes. Gastronomy is a small world and it soon became clear that I was making vinegar powders.
I still remember that Nick Bril used the vinegar powder is his first menu at “The Jane”. When I met Chef “Albert Adria” (Barcelona) at a trade show in 2014, I spoke to him and explained the uses of vinegar powder. Not much response … but one week later I received an e-mail from Spain.
The brothers “Adria” (Ferran and Albert) wanted to meet me and they invited me to come over to Barcelona for a face to face meeting.

A meeting with the “Adria brothers” that must be very special?

Maarten: True, the Adria brothers have been named as best chefs in the world for several times, so as a young starter this is impressive but in fact these guys are very down to earth.
Spanish chefs are very open minded and share a lot of knowledge with other chefs, so we tasted the vinegar powders in their “Bodega 1900” together with chefs such as Dani Garcia & Joan Rocca which happened to be present in the bodega.
Even before I realized it, they asked me if I would like to work together with them for their world-famous product line “Texturas by Ferran and Albert Adria”.
From that moment on we started selling the products international and lot of requests came in.

Wow, impressive… Can you give some examples of what you can do with the powder?

Maarten: Absolutely!

  • Use it for making savory vinegar meringues
  • Use inside recipes to make sweet and sour dried meringue (Isidri)
  • Use inside macaron recipes (sweet and sour macaroons)
  • Use as topping on desserts  (for example: chocolate moelleux,…)
  • Use as a dry dressing on top of salads or starters
  • Use as a seasoning in vegetable creams, mousses,… (when moisture or liquid vinegar is a problem)
  • Mix 50/50 with icing sugar and use as a topping on fritters, deep fried doughnut balls, …
  • Use into recipes like chocolates, chocolate decorations or sugar crusts, etc….