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Jordà® – Creative Crispy Toppings

Jordà® Catalan for Jordaens, surname of founder and owner Maarten.
Maarten worked as chef for various Michelin star restaurants. It is in these kitchens that the passion and interest arose for making crunchy tasteful topping an decorations to bring dishes and desserts to a “next level” by adding a crispy texture.Maarten and his team follow the latest trends to turn them into creative crunchy toppings.
Jordà® is producer of crunchy, salty and sweet crumbles, in sunflower oil puffed grains and seeds, salty and sweet crispy flakes and vinegar powders to use as finishing touch on snacks, soups, salads, main dishes, cakes and desserts.
Jordà®  is winner of the “Grand Prix Sirha Innovation” 2019 with the concept vinegar flakes & also received the Gault Millau Culinary Innovators institution Award 2019 for the development of Jordà products.
Enter the world of crispy products…

“Jordà® inspire chefs with crispy toppings and surprising ingredients.”

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