• beetroot & sesame crumble

    Crumble of beetroot and sesame is a crunchy topping with the flavour of beetroot, black sesame and a fresh touch of red wine vinegar. This topping combines well with dips (hummus, yoghurt, vegetables), fresh salads, roasted vegetables and meat or cold (smoked) fish.
  • rice crisps

    Crunchy puffed rice balls made from 100% rice flour. It can be used as an ingredient in chocolate or on top of your savoury creation.
  • speculoos & hazelnut crunch

    Crunchy pieces (2-8 mm) of speculoos coated in delicious Belgian dark chocolate. Our speculoos & hazelnut crunch is the perfect sweet topping on your desserts, ice cream or pastries.
  • gingerbread spices crunch

    Crunchy pieces (2-8 mm) of biscuit coated in delicious Belgian white chocolate. Gingerbread spices crunch is flavoured with gingerbread spices and is the perfect crunchy topping for your desserts, ice cream and cakes.
  • crunchy tuille mix “sweet”

    Crunchy tuille mix "sweet" is a ready-to-use dry mix for making sweet tuilles as a finishing touch on your creations. You can add your sweet ingredients to this mix for extra flavour. Recipe; 100 g crunchy tuille mix "sweet" + 40 g water + 15 g oil (sunflower, corn, peanut) Mix the powder with water to a homogeneous batter, add oil. Spread batter into a silicone mould. Bake at 160°C (+/- 10-14 min.)
  • acid yoghurt powder

    A pure yoghurt powder with a pleasant acidity. It is a powder that can be used to add extra acidity to chocolates, ice creams, ganaches, dried foam, espumas, ...
  • crispy quinoa

    Crunchy puffed quinoa seeds with a pinch of salt. Crunchy quinoa gives that extra crunchy "touch" on top of your creations.
  • panko – red curry spices

    Panko breadcrumbs "red curry" is a mixed breadcrumbs with red curry spices. Always deep-fry at up to 160°C to preserve flavour and colour. Tip: Mix 100 grams of Panko with 80 grams of butter to use as a crispy crust on fish or meat.